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Julie Cameron, Author - Part 2

Free Writing – Timing is Everything

  I joined a free writing class this morning, and had a wonderful experience. The idea is to get a phrase and free-write everything that comes into your mind for a specified amount of time – don’t stop, don’t censure, just write.  Usually, there’s a moderator, or...

Five Minutes of Fame

  The popularity of social media today gives everyone, and anyone, the ability to grab their five minutes of fame, and maybe even more.  It allows us to stay connected, no matter where we are, and to keep up on the latest events as they are unfolding.  ...

Why do I write?

  I have a mousepad that reminds me every day, “Write the book you want to read.” It helps me stay focused on why I write – because I love it. It also reminds me that there are as many different stories to tell (or, there should be, otherwise that’s just called...
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