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Julie Cameron, Author - Part 3

Author Interview with Doug Kurtz

I had a great time with Doug Kurtz, Write Life Coaching, talking about writing and self-publishing.  Yes, I was very nervous in the beginning, but Doug (with the help of a tiny glass of wine) helped put me at ease right from the start.  Before we knew it, an hour was...

Self-Publishing Author Interview

Self-publishing is becoming a successful choice for authors who want their work to be published but are either unable to get a traditional publishing house to recognize them, or would rather have more control than is allowed through traditional publishing.  When once,...

Happy National Author’s Day – November 1st

  Who knew there was a day dedicated exclusively to authors?  I didn’t, until just this minute (and shoot, there’s only 1/2 a day left).  The good news, is that we gained an hour today, so we writers get a little more time on the clock. The story...
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